The Magic Avenue presents: Captain Amazing The Magic Superhero!

The ever popular kids superhero whose super power is the ability to perform super cool magic! That’s not all, Captain Amazing can also talk to (puppet) animals!

Captain Amazing is an award winning, 1st place champion magician and professional puppet ventriloquist. He combines these skills to create the most unique birthday party show in Singapore.


CaptainAmazing19 CaptainAmazing17 CaptainAmazing14


Over the years Captain Amazing has dazzled kids at birthday parties all over Singapore and he never travels without his trusty sidekick Kenny the Friendly Chicken.  Also known as KFC, Kenny is a hit with kids young and old is undoubtedly a favourite among children.

Captain Amazing has also been featured multiple times in print, on TV and online media.

Here’s what others have to say about Singapore’s Magic Superhero:

Thanks for the good time. My daughters enjoyed Shawn who played the captain amazing very much and kept talking about it. We had a good time as well.

Keep up the good work

Captain Amazing certainly was entertaining! The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids did… judging from the pictures taken at the party, the kids were all smiling and laughing and most of them sat through the whole thing. A few parents also asked me for his contact as well after his performance.
So all in all, everyone had a memorable time.
– Natasha
Captain Amazing was indeed amazing. Kids can relate to him and he was so funny. He did great entertaining the children. The monkey coconut and that chicken were hilarious. My daughter was very shy but he managed to lightened her up. He also helped host the cake cutting and directed all the kids attention away once the cake was cut. Thank you for that.
I would definitely recommend Magic Avenue to my friends or anyone who has no clues on how to organize a superb party!
– Carol Png

To get a sneak peek at what Captain Amazing can do for your kid’s birthday party, click here: